Are Kavanaugh and Gorsuch making Catholics look like liars?

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Is lying a Catholic value? It sure feels like Justices Kavanaugh,  Alito, Gorsuch think so. They will be proven liars if they make abortion illegal. Each of these men clearly stated in their Supreme Court confirmation hearing that they would uphold Roe v Wade. Justice Gorsuch was raised Catholic, so it informs his moral core. Before I delve into why these men thought it was perfectly okay to lie on recorded testimony, let’s examine the issue at hand: abortion. 

Pro-life people have stated that life begins at the moment of conception. Okay. I honor that. I honor people who believe life begins at the moment of conception. I do not agree with you, but I honor it.  50% of my friends miscarried their pregnancies in their first trimester, so when I got pregnant I really tried not to get excited about my pregnancy until the first three months were over. Even if you believe that life begins at the moment of conception, why does abortion have to be illegal completely? What is the pro-life movement sick obsession with outlawing abortion? What is the goal that they are trying to achieve, to stop abortions?

Obviously that is not true, as many, many women had abortions when it was illegal. Sally Field and Rita Moreno are two high-profile examples of women having admitted to having abortions while it was illegal. Sally Field brought her American Doctor along with her to have an abortion in Mexico.  Rita Moreno’s then boyfriend, Marlon Brando, was upset his on-and-off girlfriend was pregnant, so he hired a Doctor to give her a back-alley abortion. SHE ALMOST DIED. What if she died, where are all the pro-life people then? What was the gain? I get your feeling her baby was killed, so it’s okay to also kill Rita Moreno? That is not pro-life at all, so what’s your logic? I don’t understand. Because you believe that life begins at conception, is it okay for Rita Moreno to die? 

In El Salvador  where abortion is illegal women are literally in jail because they are accused of having an abortion. Not the men who impregnated them, but the women are in jail. Huh?? What are the pro-life people gaining from women being in jail in El Salvador? Do they admire this? It’s expensive to keep people in jail, this money can be used to mitigate Climate Change. Mitigating Climate Change would save a hell of a lot more babies and people. Why aren’t the so-called pro-lifers obsessed with that? Climate change is basically a planet abortion. None of us are viable outside of Mother’s Earth womb. 

Pro-life people I beg of you do not obess about abortion becoming illegal. What does that do? Why not obsess about improving foster care, which has way more kids than families to care for them. For example a small town in Ohio has 500 kids in foster care, but only 10 families to serve them. Pro-life people are nowhere to be found when asked how they would solve this issue. It’s just easier for pro-life people to judge a woman (never the man), than to solve societal issues.  Its too late now, as the illogical pro-life weird obessions with in-utero life only is becoming our reality –  a dead Rita Moreno and overun foster care system is our future. 

Why do Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch believe that it is okay to lie? Was this informed from their Catholic upbringing? I will focus on these two because not only did they lie to congress that they would keep abortion legal, but they lied in the private offices of Senator Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Many are blaming Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski for being so gullible, but honestly if someone told me to my face that they would keep abortion legal then I would believe them too. I am a person of my word, so I do not suspect that others are not. Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch have more than a Catholic upbringing in common. They both went to an all boys prestigious high school in the DC area called Georgetown Preparatory School. Does Georgetown Prep teach their boys that they are entitled? It felt like that when Kavanaugh’s yearbook was brought to the public attention during his confirmation hearing. How could Georgetown Prep allow a yearbook of boys boasting about their drinking and conquests be published? Clearly these boys were given a message that they were allowed to do anything.  I think it’s not surprising that Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh had no problem lying to the female Senators Collins and Murkowski.

About a whopping 70% of my Catholic friends are pro-choice. This is aligned with the national feeling towards aborations. My Catholic friends are not entitled or liars.  Two examples of Catholics that are for trying to keep aboration legal are Justice Sotomayer and Roberts. Justice Sotomayer and Roberts may believe that life begins at the moment of conception, like their faith informs them, but they  know in the USA, we have separation of church and state. In addition, maybe they reason that if you really believe that life begins at the moment of conception, open or give money to  an orphanage . What is spending every waking minute trying to close Planned Parenthood accomplish?   So I conclude it’s not actually being Catholic, that made Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch lie. Lying on the level that they did can only come from a life of entitlement, one that started at the all boys school, Georgetown Preparatory School.