Isabella and Little Birdy

Learn more about low-waste parties.

Join 5 year old Isabella as she befriends a red cardinal bird, whose name is Little Birdy. Isabella wants her Little Birdy to join her for her birthday party. Little Birdy worries that things like balloons that are at birthday parties will hurt him and his other bird friends. Little Birdy flies Isabella to meet Mr. Fish to learn more about how trash is hurting the river. Little Birdy hopes if you read this book you will reduce your use of plastics at kids birthday parties. This is a great book for anyone who loves a great adventure, and treasures our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

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Plastic-Free Party Ideas

1) Consider having some reusables decor that you use at every Birthday party. For example I have fun set of red picnic table cloth that I use at every party. Also we have used the same fun birthday hat that my daughter or son use every year at several of their birthday parties. 

2) Consider skipping the goody bag. Goody bags are a bag full of tiny toys (mostly plastic) given to all kids who come to the party. This is  common practice in USA. Either skip this tradition, or replace it with a book exchange.

3) Sometimes parents will have arrange to have their kids birthday party at a location that already provides food and goody bag. An example would be a bouncy house. They have birthday packages that parents can purchase that provide pizza and goody bag. Consider asking to remove the goody bag. If you feel you have to replace it, consider something useful, like pencil, or pad.

4) Consider cutting down on the presents that your child gets on birthday by stating in the invitation that presents are not needed . If parents and grandparents are already providing presents, is necessary that friends give presents also? Today kids frequently have too many toys.