Wet Bags

GreenThinker DC is giving away wet bags to daycare centers and Pre-K programs in order to help reduce their plastic footprint.

What are Wet Bags?

Wet bags are a reusable cloth bag with a liner and zipper. They are great for soiled clothing from toddlers, cloth diapers, and gym clothes. These bags contain odor and holds in moisture, but are reusable and replace the need for single-use plastic bags.

How does the Wet Bag program work?

Everyone in a class will receive a wet bag. A teacher cannot be expected to remember the specialized instruction for one student. Therefore if everyone receives the wet bag, it will becomes normal part of routine for everyone in the class.

What is the Cost?

The wet bags have a $10 value but are provided for free. However if you would like to support this work please consider making a donation to GreenThinker DC.

We appreciate any and all donations! We are a small organization that relies solely on volunteers and donations.  Your payments assures that other daycare facilities are able to get wet bags as well.