No Christmas This Year

Hi, Sara here. Seasons greetings!

It has been a rough year, but I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that. Christmas and other holiday gatherings are being cancelled in order to help stop the spread of COVID 19. It’s unfortunate that we cannot visit our loved ones this year. I would normally travel back to Ohio, but will be stuck here in South Philly instead.

The one thing everyone wants this year is just to see their friends and families. Wouldn’t we all gladly forgo physical gifts if it meant being able to spend time with loved ones?

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Invisible Plastic

Last year a member of my local Zero Waste group on Facebook asked if she should do bulk bin shopping in the context of living 20 miles away from the nearest store to offer it. Commentators on the post agreed that it probably was not a good idea. The additional miles driven would likely have a larger carbon footprint than the amount of plastic saved. 

I wondered if there is a way to express miles driven as a quantity of single-use plastic. Here is my best ballpark estimate:

1 mile driven = 5.3 standard size plastic water bottles

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